1 million total supply

5% tax for both buys and sells

Tax Breakdown

1% Auto added to liquidity, this will help stabilize the floor by continuously adding liquidity throughout.

2% Development, this will be used to pay for bot development, systems, servers, staff etc.

2% Marketing & Treasury, a portion of these funds will be used to run marketing to bring more eyes and investors on $PING. The other portion will be collected into a treasury wallet to be used within the project.

Token Distribution

Initially, we locked 80% of the liquidity pool token supply for 6 months retained the remaining 20% for covering operational expenses and future partnerships. However, in the first week of launch we made a strategic decision to convert the entire 20% allocation back into the liquidity pool. As a result, we are now 100% fully locked.

All our tokens are securely locked in the Uniswap V2 pool for a period of 6 months using the Unicrypt platform. This ensures transparency and stability in our token ecosystem.

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