Auto settings

Auto Buy

Auto Buy - When turned on (✅), the $PING bot will automatically attempt to purchase every signal that meets your predefined parameters in the /settings section. To enable Auto Buy, ensure that you have an active wallet set up using the /dex command with a sufficient ETH balance. Auto Buy includes some customizable features:

Buy Amount: This is the amount of ETH you want to buy, regardless of the market cap. If your specified buy amount exceeds the maximum allowable purchase amount, the bot won't proceed with the purchase.

Max Base Gwei: Even after receiving a signal, you might want to consider having a maximum recommended blockchain gwei to prevent overspending on your gas fees. This setting would be best suited for you. If you do want to buy on every possible signal, you can set this as high as 500. This way, even if the current gwei spikes to 200, you can still try to get an entry on the signaled token.

Gas Delta: Determine how much extra you're willing to spend when making a purchase on the blockchain. This amount will be added to the current ETH gas fee suggestion based on your settings.

Slippage: Configure your slippage tolerance for purchases. This can range from 1% to 100%.

Auto Sell

Auto Sell - When activated (✅), it will monitor successful purchases and assess whether they meet your predefined auto-sell criteria. Auto Sell includes the following parameters:

Sell Percent Trigger: This is a specified percentage that serves as the primary trigger for the auto-sell function. It disregards taxes and gas fees from the previous purchase, focusing solely on your current Profit and Loss (PNL) based on the token's price at the time of purchase.

Sell Percent Tokens: This parameter indicates the number of tokens to be sold when the AUTO SELL Trigger is activated.

Stop Loss: This feature will prompt the bot to sell all your tokens when a certain negative percentage is reached. For example, if you set it to 50%, the bot will trigger the sale when your purchase experiences a -50% PNL.

PNL (Profit and Loss)

This metric represents your profit or loss based on the token's current market price compared to the price at which you purchased it. It's important to note that PNL calculations do not account for any gas fees incurred during the transaction or any taxes associated with the token. PNL is a straightforward way to assess your gains or losses solely in terms of the token's market value.

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