Revenue Share

$Ping will offer multiple revenue share stream for holders. Relax and let our team build an ecosystem that will allow your money to grow.

Built in dex fees

$PING’s own dex has a 1% fee for all trades done within it. 80% of these fee’s will then be distributed to holders holding .5% or more.

Automated Trading

Our team is in the process of developing an automated trading logic and algorithm. This system will be used to trade cryptocurrencies. Detailed testing will be performed to ensure its efficiency and reliability.

80% of the profits generated through the automated trading logic will be distributed back to $PING token holders. To be eligible for profit sharing, a token holder must possess a minimum of 0.3% of the total $PING token supply.

As we approach the implementation of the $PING token revenue share program and once it's operational, we will regularly take snapshots of $PING token holders' balances to ensure their eligibility for profit sharing. These periodic snapshots will capture the holdings of our community members at specific intervals, and their participation in profit distribution will be based on their $PING token balances at the time of each snapshot. This process will help maintain transparency and fairness in our profit-sharing initiative, reinforcing our commitment to our valued token holders.

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