🔑Key Features

Signal bot

Here at $Ping the team has come together and developed a custom, proven algorithm that gives users speedy and efficient signals via a personally tailored telegram bot that each user can customize to their own preferences.


We have built a custom dashboard, so that everyone can see the previous signals, we believe this is paramount for transparency, allowing all users, whether holders or not to view the previous signals.

Revenue Share

$Ping will offer multiple revenue share stream for holders. Relax and let our team build an ecosystem that will allow your money to grow.

Built in DEX

A huge feature we added is the ability to buy and sell tokens through our signal bot, this will help speed up the process of loading another sniper bot, we will also charge a 1% tx fee per trade. These funds will be used on $Ping project

Upcoming Auto Trade

$Ping is in the process of introducing an auto-trade system integrated with its signal bot. This system is designed to empower users by enabling them to capitalize on potential moon signals received from the signal bot. As of November 17, 2023, the auto-trade functionality is in the development phase and is currently undergoing thorough testing within a select group of individuals to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We appreciate your patience and look forward to bringing this exciting feature to all users soon.

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