Referral System


Welcome to Ping, where your engagement is not only appreciated but rewarded! Our referral system is designed to enhance your experience and share the benefits with your network. Explore the simple yet powerful commands below to make the most out of Ping's referral program.

/referral Command:

The /referral command is your gateway to earning rewards. By using /referral, you initiate our referral system, giving you a chance to earn a generous 20% bonus for each successful referral. Encourage your connections to subscribe to the $PING signal bot for one month using the ETH payment method, and watch your rewards grow.

/referral_status Command:

Stay in the loop with your referral gains by using the /referral_status command. Our development team sends out periodic referral bonus payments, and this command allows you to effortlessly track and manage your earnings. Stay connected, share the benefits, and let Ping reward you for being part of our thriving community.

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