Trade monitor

/monitor command will list out your current active trade monitors.

This is the actual trade monitor that will pop up whenever the bot buys automatically or your buy manually from the signals. Token Symbol: Displays the token symbol. Clicking it will redirect to the token's page on etherscan.

Wallet: Indicates the wallet that owns the active trade monitor.

Holdings: Shows the quantity of tokens you currently hold for that specific token.

Initial: Displays the initial amount of ETH spent on purchasing the token (excluding gas fees).

Current: Shows your current token value and its profit and loss calculation (taxes and gas not included). You can read more about PNL here.

Marketcap: Indicates the current fully diluted market capitalization of the token.

Active Trades section: Shows your other active trades, and you can switch the monitor by clicking on /tm_{dynamic_trade_id}.

Trade Monitor Options

Auto Sell: Manually toggle the auto sell function for the active trade on or off at any time.

Manual Sell: Manually sell the token. You'll be prompted to specify the percentage you'd like to sell. Successfully selling the token manually will remove the active trade from the bot's system.

Trigger% : You can adjust the default auto sell take profit trigger using this button.

Sell Percent %: You can adjust the default sell token percent using this button.

Stop Loss %: You can adjust the default stop loss percent using this button.

Refresh: Manually refresh the trade monitor.

Delete: This will completely remove the token trade from the bot's system, and any previous settings, such as the auto trade for that token, will cease to function.

Some Notes

Trade monitors do not expire but are manually refreshed every 24 hours that they have been active.

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