Getting Started

First step is to message the bot and hit the Start button.

You'll see the current available commands when you first messaged the bot or you can view this again by sending the /start command.

$PING has 2 available models for bot access, the subscription and the token holding model.

Token Holding Model

This model allows users with at least 5,000 $PING tokens in their wallet have bot access as long as they hold it. Just use the /register command in order to use this model.

You'll be then asked to send at least 10 $PING tokens to a certain wallet address to verify your current wallet.

Subscription Model ( ETH )

Subscription model on the other hand just requires users to send Ethereum on a given wallet. The subscription rate will be based on $150 ETH value + 0.1% of the current $PING marketcap in ETH value as well. Use the /subscription command in order to opt in this access model.

Subscription Model ( $PING )🆕

We're thrilled to introduce a new feature to our subscription model. Users now have the option to subscribe using $PING tokens, offering added flexibility and utility. This option follows the same rate computation as the ETH model, where the initial rate is based on $150 ETH value and 0.1% of the current $PING market capitalization in ETH value.

What's more, $PING token subscribers can choose from bi-weekly and monthly subscription intervals, providing a versatile experience that promotes the acquisition of our native token and contributes to its increased demand.

To explore this option, simply select $PING as your preferred subscription method when using the /subscription command.

You will receive a confirmation message once you're eligible for receiving $PING signals and all you have to do is wait for the next upcoming signals to be sent.

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